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POS & Tablets

Advantech offers x86/ARM-based POS systems and industrial-grade tablets that enable digitalization, mobile computing, and increased productivity.

Product Categories

  • AIM-30 Series

    AIM-30 series industrial-grade tablets/mobile POS systems (8 ~ 10.1 inch) are ideal for diverse hospitality, retail, and self-service applications.

  • AIM Series Peripherals

    AIM tablets can be equipped with various peripherals, such as a thermal printer, carry strap, VESA mount, and charging dock, based on usage needs.

  • USC-100 Series

    The USC-100 series are multifunctional ARM-based systems with an 11.6/15.6-inch touchscreen and Android/Linux OS support, ideal for POS applications.

  • USC-200/UPOS Series

    The USC-200 series are multifunctional X86-based systems with a 15-inch touchscreen and Windows/Linux OS support, suitable for service applications.

  • USC Series Peripherals

    USC systems can be equipped with peripherals such as a barcode scanner, RFID reader, VFD, thermal printer, or iButton module according to usage needs.

  • USC-300 Series

    USM-500 edge computers are mini tower/standalone devices that support various graphics accelerator cards and AI technologies for easy expansion.

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