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Realizing the Power of AI- Advantech Industrial Edge Server Application Cases


Advantech SKY series industrial edge server products include open standard server products: server chassis (HPC) and server boards (ASMB), and proprietary GPU servers for AI HPC. From components to systems, Advantech solutions offer long longevity support, revision control, design flexibility, and industrial grade reliable operation. Advantech cooperates closely with our partners to help provide a multitude of solutions for a wide array of applications, such as AI solutions for automation manufacturing, robotic, smart city applications and medical imaging. 

Automated Optical Inspection Systems for PCB Manufacturing

AOI systems are commonly used in the production of all kinds of products but are especially important for monitoring printed circuit boards for defects and accurate measurements beyond the capabilities of a human inspector.

Investing in AOI systems means less waste, a lower cost of production, and maximized yields. Advantech server boards not only deliver the necessary power for the AOI system, they work in a 0 ~ 40°C temperature ranges. Advantech continued support beyond the longevity product life of up to seven years.

Aviation Security: Airport Baggage Inspection System and Hold Baggage Screening

Baggage scanner vendors must provide scanning solutions that adequately respond to increasing security threats and comply with relevant legislation passed by the European Commission.

This new security dynamic has led to a greater need for quality detection equipment. Advantech provided a custom solution that was co-validated with the customer’s products, worldwide logistics, and an extendable warranty for certain key components

Medical Imaging: Intelligent Data Server for Medical Hospital Surgery Solution

A high profile medical integrator needed a hospital data system that included cloud-based services, surgical robots, medical devices, and control towers.

The medical server application required a high performance and flexible system. Advantech’s was flexible for any possible customization and also continuously provided support for up to 5~7 years with extended warranties.. The hospital got their intelligent data server with all the performance and expansion requirements they needed.

Smart Warehousing: Industrial Servers Ramp up AI for Robotic Arms

Integrating AI with robotic arms is a new approach with significant benefits. Three phases –programming, operating, and maintaining – define success in robotic arm deployments. Often, an array of several robotic arms pairs with one industrial server on part of a line. Adding AI processing in that server can have a big impact on each of the three phases.

Everything in the Advantech SKY-6400 server is chosen with an eye toward performance, quality,reliability, and longevity needed for industrial deployments.

Simulation: High-Performance Computing System for Simulator Training System

Mission-critical military operations have long been an important application for industrial-grade servers. Training simulator systems require workstations that offer stable real-time environments to accurately replicate diverse simulations for helicopters, armored vehicles, aircraft, weapons, and other battlefield systems.

Advantech provided an integrated hardware solution. Through close collaboration on hardware and software development, high-performance computing systems were built for a fully functional training simulator.

AI for Moving Freight Detection System (TFDS) on Railways

Vehicle safety monitoring systems automatically identify faulty moving parts, and are essential for the safe operation of trucks, vehicles, and trains. Faced with mounting problems stemming from overloaded passenger trains and freight traffic, a system was needed to perform real time advanced data analysis and diagnosis with communication technologies that detected over stressed parts on trains while they were moving.

Advantech SKY-6100 provides the maximum number of PCI-Express cards in a 1U height rackmount chassis; making it the ideal server for AI inference applications.

Accelerating the Smart City with Advantech GPU Servers

In order to adjust climate change, cities needed an intelligent IoT solution for conducting real-time monitoring of local conditions, such as air quality, road traffic, and video surveillance data.

The SKY-6200 server enables all recorded video and environment data, such as humidity, temperature, and PM2.5 levels, to be uploaded to edge computers for instant inference and analysis. Using intelligent connectivity, the data is also transferred to a deep learning GPU server for integrating big data and optimizing device productivity and intelligence.

Intelligent Digital Video Processing System for on-site Monitoring

By using Intelligent Digital Video Processing System, combining with AI trained models, local situation can be easily detected and tracked, and the situation can be easily controlled from central management team.

HPC-8212 is the edge server to grab video streams from IP cameras and recognize objects based on AI inference. HPC-8212 can work smoothly with SAS transmission 12Gb/s and 4 NVMe drives supported via an optional riser card to provide greatly effect of video processing.

AI Platform Incident Detector and Video Surveillance System

Safety for passengers in railway stations and on platforms is paramount. These days, there are many cameras in railway stations for monitoring passengers to keep them safe and to protect secure areas. 

To fulfill real-time video monitoring in the railway station, Advantech offered an end-to-end AI solution that met their application scenario. NVQual certified SKY-6400 4U rackmount servers  process AI inference with the scalability needed to support multiple powerful NVIDIA GPU cards all in a single server.

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